Our actions are built around three pillars:

I. Social responsibility and civic education

White papers/Posts by professionals on issues of interest for the community.

Connecting with the schools and other NGOs for identifying opportunities of support and collaboration.

II. Community building

Conferences: networking and knowledge building.

Rediscovering home: travelling together, experiencing new environments as a group.

Social events: support and building a community of practice.

III. Learning and professional development

Professional camps (volunteer professionals who invest themselves into sharing their knowledge with the interested public).

Mentorship and coaching.

Meetings over lunch/dinner around a topic of interest.

Your idea.
Our support. 100%

Do you want to engage yourself in the community? 

You want to connect with other homecomers in your city? Or even better, you have a project proposal for the Homecomers in Romania? 

It’s super easy to get involved! And we are a lot stronger together!