Homecomers is a network of professionals from various fields who aim at making use of their internationally acquired experience and education back in their Eastern-European home country.

The Community emerged in 2017 in Romania out of the common needs of a few professionals as they returned back home after having studied and/or worked abroad for a long term.

Home is being with like-minded people with an understanding and respect towards each other’s plurality of experience, professional development and language. Romania is one of our many homes, and our current country by choice.

Homecomers is a non-profit initiative that promotes the interaction among professionals at a micro, a meso and a macro European level. At a micro level, Homecomers focuses on the implementation of projects in the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. At a meso level, we target the establishment of contacts and exchanges with other cities in the Eastern space (within and outside Romania). At a macro level, we aim at facilitating the interaction with professionals and associations from the European space.

  • We connect with likeminded people.
  • We share, bridge and continuously develop experiences and knowledge.
  • We develop a feeling of belonging to a community that has an impact on the microenvironment one lives in.

Testimonials. sharing some thoughts from our members.

The idea of such a community is brilliant. Congratulations! At the first forum I met so many wonderful people, professionals from various fields with valuable expertise. I am sure that Romania will benefit greatly from their support and I am happy to participate in new projects. I wish you best of luck!
Mihai Copaceanu
It's not easy being a Homecomer: it means you once left home to integrate in another society and then left again to return home. Even though our stories are all different, we are united by a certain mindset. Sharing our stories and experience, and finding a community that shares the same values, truly feels like finding home. I believe that this community can both enable its members and inspire others and I'm looking forward to all the interesting projects that are planned.
Augusta Ene
Senior Manager
Homecomers is what we need, is what they need. Hopefully one day "us" and "them" will become WE, homecomers.
Roxi Pop
It was a great pleasure and an honor to speak at the first Homecomers' Forum. The wonderful people I've met, each with his unique story, helped me understand better why after some years growing abroad it is so challenging and beautiful to get back home and start contributing to your country's development. I'm sure this kind of mentality will help them grow and succeed in life, improving the "quality of life" in our country. We are stronger when we work together. Congrats, Homecomers!
Ionut Tirla
On the 28th of October 2017 I had the honor to speak at the Homecomers' Forum, where I met young professionals who came back to Romania and with whom I shared many experiences and ideas. I also had the chance of encountering fellow world citizens who see the potential of our country and are willing to bring in new perspectives.
Vlad Macelaru
Youth Representative